Legal Issues Involving Jey Uso's WWE Catchphrase Apparently Resolved

On "WWE Raw," Jey Uso confirmed he was once again able to use his "Yeet" catchphrase, seemingly resolving the legal issues that prevented the word from appearing on last Monday's broadcast. Uso came down to the ring this week wearing a Yeet" shirt and hyped up the crowd by asking them to chat "Yeet" if they wanted CM Punk on "Raw." Merchandise with the phrase is also once again being sold online, which includes shirts, hoodies, and other items. WWE had previously pulled the merchandise.

Last week, it was reported WWE had to mute "Yeet" chants from the crowd as well as blur any past footage of Uso wearing merchandise with the word. \WWE was reportedly unable to obtain a trademark to use the slang termĀ in a professional wrestling context, as an independent wrestler by the name of Kasey Scott Huffman trademarked the term for professional wrestling use back in 2021. As of this writing, there is no further information regarding how WWE was able to obtain the rights to the catchphrase.