AEW's Athena Discusses The Next Item On Her Wrestling Bucket List

Athena has put together a dominant run during her time in Ring Of Honor, and while she's also made it clear that the AEW Women's and TBS Champions have targets on their back, her next goal is something completely different.

"The next on the list is hopefully I get to go to Japan and wrestle because I've never gotten to do that," she told "Under The Ring."

Athena is currently under contract with ROH/AEW, so she would only be able to perform in Japan if she was permitted by Tony Khan. However, Khan has been open to talent working outside of his promotions, with wrestlers competing on independent shows and going to Japan for longer stints, proving Athena can wrestle in Japan. The former WWE star was recently involved in a major match outside of AEW/ROH when she competed against Ronda Rousey in tag team action for REVOLVER. 

Athena's hard-hitting style is something that would suit competing in Japan, but Khan has also worked hard to have plenty of Joshi wrestlers appearing on his shows. Whether that be for small appearances or full-time contracts, Khan has provided that for fans, which is something Athena has her eyes on. 

"But, with all of these Japanese superstars with Riho coming back and just a plethora of them dying to come over here, the opportunity is always there for those crazy dream matches," she added.

Athena, the current ROH Women's World Champion, has held the title for over a year, since winning it from Mercedes Martinez last December.

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