AEW Head Tony Khan Opens Up About Main Event At ROH Final Battle

The main event of this weekend's Ring of Honor Final Battle pay-per-view is set for Athena to defend the ROH Women's World Championship against Billie Starkz. AEW founder and ROH owner Tony Khan spoke about that highly anticipated women's title clash during the pre-Final Battle media call.

"It's really great working with two amazing professionals. You sometimes forget how young Billie is, because she's very mature past her age and has great ideas and input. And Athena is one of the best wrestlers in the world and is doing, I think, the best work of her career to this point right now in the moment as we speak."

Starkz, who officially signed with AEW-ROH back in October, will receive her first shot in her young career for the ROH Women's World Championship. Meanwhile, Athena has steadily turned away challenger after challenger since defeating Mercedes Martinez for the belt at last year's Final Battle. The title bout between Athena and Starkz came together after the 19-year-old attacked the champion following their recent association. Starkz became enraged after Athena named Lexy Nair valedictorian following the pair's "minion" training. She ended up requesting a championship match with Khan, which the ROH boss accepted.

During the media call, Khan added that Athena and Starkz had "so much chemistry and some fun ideas" from the beginning, which ultimately got the fans talking. He also talked with Athena and Starkz about the storyline's momentum and encouraged the pair to create "something special" with it.