Macey Estrella, WWE's Lacey Evans, Doesn't Hold Back On Sgt. Slaughter & Family

Macey Estrella, known to WWE fans as Lacey Evans, is a real-life veteran of the United States Marine Corps who retired from active duty in 2014. Due to her military past, Evans was told to use the Cobra Clutch, the finisher of WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter and his daughter took umbrage with Evans' use of the move, leading to some discourse earlier in the year.

"He can kiss my a** and his daughter can, too," Evans told Chris Van Vliet on "Insight." The former WWE Superstar felt that the Hall of Famer was being too sensitive, as she didn't mean any disrespect to Slaughter. According to Evans, she was only following orders.

"What do you call it in the military when you fricking have seniors above you? You have a rank structure," Evans said. Unless a direction from management was especially egregious, Evans says she wasn't arguing with producers and other higher-ups about it. "You tell me what the f*** you need. You tell me what time the bell rings and then and I'll do whatever it is."

Evans says that she got herself into the best shape of her life, learning to do flips, grapple, and other moves, but WWE opted to give her the age-old submission hold. Evans even says that WWE was attempting to get Slaughter involved with showing her how to do the move before things fell through.

"They told me you're gonna go out and you're gonna do the Cobra Clutch and he's gonna come in and help and then whatever happened," Evans explained. "Next thing you know he's not out here, [and] I'm still doing the Cobra Clutch." The situation didn't cause Evans much stress, if any, as she saw herself as a performer doing her job and earning a living.

"My family still got fed," Evans said. "I still did what I f***ing needed to do."