Mickie James Believes This WWE Raw Star Is A 'Highlight Of TV'

While she was recently one of the biggest names on the Impact Wrestling roster, Mickie James still keeps up with WWE. Appearing on the "Gabby AF" podcast, James claimed that Chelsea Green is one of her favorites, and even revealed they had plans to work together in WWE.

According to James, Green is one of the stars she intentionally keeps up with. "I loved working with her in Impact. We almost did a thing together in WWE, and that didn't go through. She's been always ... on my thing of people to watch." James also noted that Green understands the wrestling industry, and that she finds the WWE Women's Tag Team Champion entertaining.

James noted that to make it in wrestling you need to understand how to entertain fans, as wrestling ability alone doesn't get you far. She also pointed out how Green has already figured out this aspect of the game. "It's like the little things, she's not worried about 'Oh, embarrassing myself.' Honestly, she's an entertainer first." Green made her WWE return during this year's Royal Rumble, wherein she set a new record for the fastest elimination in the Women's Rumble. Few fans had faith in Green after that, but James claims she's proud of her today as she owns her character, and fans are entertained by her either way. "She's one of the highlights of TV right now because she's so entertaining. Whether you love her or you hate her, you're entertained by her, most people want to see her butt beat."