Cody Rhodes Explains Why He Thinks MJF Will Be In WWE Someday

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, colloquially known as MJF, is one of the hottest figures in professional wrestling. He has had a career-defining year as the face of AEW and the AEW World Heavyweight Champion. However, with his AEW contract ending on January 1, 2024, there have been many questions regarding MJF's future, especially considering the trend of AEW talent signing with WWE. Cody Rhodes, one of the first people to transfer from AEW to WWE, weighed in on the idea of his friend in WWE during an interview with "The Michael Kay Show" on YES Network.

"I think one day you will see MJF in WWE," Rhodes said.

Rhodes did not make such a bold claim without reason. Rhodes' logic, while unorthodox, reflected his experience in an industry intently focused on physical appearances.

"One thing I'm proud of him for doing is, if you notice, he's put on a lot of muscle," Rhodes explained. "When he does make that jump and I don't know when that is — if he makes the jump — but if he comes to WWE, he'll have to stand across from guys like Drew McIntyre. He'll have to stand across from guys like Omos, or, gosh, Brock Lesnar."

It is common knowledge that WWE Superstars are meticulous about their physique. Even Rhodes' infamous torn pectoral muscle was the result of the regular gym-going common among WWE talent. While MJF's physical changes may be a clue into his future plans, Rhodes was quick to acknowledge that his prediction was just a theory.

"You gotta be able to swing the bat with the big boys, and watching him grow physically, it seems like maybe he knows where his future lies," Rhodes said. "But really, your guess is as good as mine. I never bother him about it, because I just want to remain the friends we've become today."