Kurt Angle Recalls How Rikishi's WWE Hell In A Cell 2000 Stunt Came To Be

King of the Ring 1998 set the standard for Hell in a Cell matches when Mankind (Mick Foley) was infamously thrown from the top of the cage in one of wrestling's most iconic moments. WWE Armageddon 2000's six-man Hell in a Cell bout notably tried to recreate that moment with Rikishi, and on "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle recalled how Rikishi's stunt came to be.

According to Angle, while he knew something would eventually happen between him, Rikishi, The Undertaker, Steve Austin, Triple H, and The Rock, he only found out about the particular stipulation weeks ahead of Armageddon. "You knew that something was going to come, they just didn't tell me until about two or three weeks before the event."

Angle noted the moment he heard the bout would be a Hell in a Cell match, Mankind's fall immediately came to mind. "I remember when Mick Foley got thrown off of it a few years earlier, and I knew that we were gonna have to do something as crazy as that and I didn't want to be a part of it!" Continuing with his story, he noted the men were all asked who would be willing to do a crazy stunt, and the two who volunteered were Rikishi and Triple H. "They said 'Who wants to do the crazy stunt?' And I didn't raise my hand. I believe Rikishi raised [his] hand and Triple H raised his hand." 

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