The Undertaker Recalls CM Punk Failing To Make These WWE Stars Tap Out For Real

After leaving WWE in 2014, CM Punk sought to apply his grappling skills in MMA competition, joining UFC and making his debut in 2016. The stint didn't really work out for Punk, losing his debut to Mickey Gall and failing to attain redemption in a second outing against Mike Jackson before retiring. The Undertaker recalled another time Punk tested his grappling skills during "Six Feet Under", practicing jiu-jitsu against accomplished shoot wrestlers Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. 

"Someone broached the question, 'You did jiu-jitsu, how long do you think you could last with one of these two wrestlers,'" Undertaker recalled, "It was Bobby Lashley, who wrestled for the army, and Shelton Benjamin, who wrestled at Minnesota. Two high-level amateur wrestlers, to [Punk's] credit, he said, 'I'll tap them out,' that was about all it took." 

What ensued afterward, according to 'Taker, was "like blood in the water and two great white sharks circling", as both Lashley and Benjamin each took down Punk in less than a minute and pinned him. Undertaker credited the "Second City Saint" for not backing down, but added that the wrestlers were excited for the opportunity to tangle with him. Lashley, similarly to Punk, had a foray into MMA after his original WWE departure. He never fought in UFC but had an objectively better run in MMA than Punk, boasting a 15-2 record after fights for Bellator and Strikeforce, as well as holding titles with Shark Fights and XFN. Lashley maintains that MMA is still something he would look into even during his current WWE run.

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