Samoa Joe Explains Why AEW Star MJF Is Able To Keep Scoring Touchdowns

Samoa Joe and MJF are engaged in one of the highest-profile feuds in AEW, and the two men are set to headline the promotion's final 2023 pay-per-view, Worlds End, on December 30. While they will battle for the AEW World Championship, Joe had a lot of good things to say about MJF during an interview with Adrian Hernandez.

According to Joe, making it big in wrestling comes down to the willingness to go after the "touchdown" and not just want the success that comes with it. "MJF is definitely one of those guys, you know. He's a guy that's not going to sit around waiting for opportunities," he said. "He's very proactive, he's going to get out in front of things, and he's going to try and go make opportunities for himself.

Additionally, Joe believes that this drive is a testament to other stars who have been successful in the wrestling industry, since they never waited around for someone to recognize their greatness. "So, you know, MJF has been pretty consistent in that aspect and that is where his biggest growth has been." One of MJF's biggest AEW feuds to date was undoubtedly when he clashed with CM Punk, and many believe this angle allowed him to prove himself as a major name. Recently, the AEW World Champion commented on Punk's return to WWE, and surprisingly wished him well and showed no regret for how things turned out.

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