Booker T Explains Why Working For WWE NXT Is 'Uplifting' Compared To Other Brands

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T might be best known for his many runs with championship gold, but these days he finds himself on the commentary team and as a backstage veteran. On his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker said he enjoys his time in "WWE NXT" more than the moments he spends at "WWE SmackDown" or "WWE Raw."

According to Booker, he feels a lot better when he can spend time in "NXT" because of all the young stars who potentially need his advice and guidance. "I feel a whole lot better when I go to "NXT" as opposed to just being at "SmackDown" or being at "Raw" because I know I'm not doing anything, I can't contribute as much as those guys on the show, those guys are working, on "NXT" these guys are learning, they're trying to figure it out."

Additionally, he praised Trick Williams, and revealed that the star has become one of his pupils. "I talk to Trick on a regular basis, he's like one of my pupils, and [I'm] definitely going to guide him hopefully all the way to the end zone." Booker said. "Even before he ever got in the ring I said there's something about this guy, he passes that airport test. If you see that dog walking through the airport, you say who's that guy?" Booker was also asked for his thoughts about Tiffany Stratton and whether he believes she'll become a major star in WWE someday. "Yeah, no doubt. In a heartbeat. I got high praise, you know that, not just the star, the moon, but to the nebula, man. All the way out there."

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