Tully Blanchard Opines On FTR And Other AEW Stars

Tully Blanchard's brief outing in AEW saw the wrestling legend manage FTR and become a prominent face on "AEW Dynamite." Speaking with "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," Blanchard looked back on working with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler as well as other names in AEW.

During Blanchard's career as an active wrestler, "ring generals" often called matches on the fly, but these days wrestlers pre-plan their matches. According to the veteran, FTR and Shawn Spears could've been ring generals in AEW, but times have changed. "FTR, they're a great tag team. Shawn Spears is a very talented wrestler, but they're trained in a way to do things the way that I couldn't function," Blanchard said. "So it's not necessarily a place where you have a ring general anymore, because of the in-depth that goes on beforehand."

Additionally, he was asked about his time working with Brian Cage, and his opinion on "The Machine." "Brian has got great potential but, again you gotta do the right stuff at the right time." Following this, he recalled some advice he gave Cage during their time together. "The advice that I gave him was 'You need to be a killer. You look like a killer; you need to be a killer.'" Lastly, Blanchard was also asked about his opinion on The Young Bucks, and while he had very little to say about them, he praised the AEW EVPs. "The Young Bucks are very talented and they would probably rival FTR." The veteran gave a more in-depth assessment of FTR earlier in the same interview, and even compared them to his tag team run alongside Arn Anderson.

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