Road Dogg Explains Why CM Punk's WWE Return Made Him Feel Like A 'Piece Of Crap'

WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events BrianĀ "Road Dogg" James has spoken out regarding his relationship with CM Punk. James has been critical of Punk in the past, previously sharing his blunt thoughts on the former AEW star. James recently spoke on his "Oh... You Didn't Know" podcast about the new "WWE Raw" star, and said their relationship has been mended following Punk's return to the company. James said he didn't want to go into too many details, but described the first time he saw Punk backstage following his return.

"He and I, first time I saw him, and he was sitting at a catering table, and he and I met eyes, and he stood up, and we shook hands, and we kind of didn't say anything for a minute," he said. "And then he literally, and I feel safe sharing this because I shared it with him face-to-face the following day, how impactful it was, he literally like shrugged his shoulders and went like, 'Aw, come on!' and pulled me in and hugged me. I'll tell you the truth, it immediately made me feel like an a-hole, like I'm a piece of crap. It humbled me in myself, if that makes sense... It humbled me in a way where I thought, 'I have talked negatively about you, and I've thought negatively about you, and then you embraced me. And wow.'"

Brothers Gotta Hug

Brian James said that he almost started crying, because the meeting was an eye-opener for him. He said that having negative thoughts about Punk in his own head wasn't bothering anyone but himself. He said that he believes God works in mysterious ways and that their meeting was "orchestrated" by the higher power when he was "stuck" in Stanford for a few days and got to work with the returning star.

"It all drained out of me when he shrugged like, 'Aw, come on.' It harkens me back to 'brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug,' and he pulled me in, and we hugged, dude," James said. "I don't know man; it made me feel good for him to do that, by the way. It made me feel really good. But it made me immediately feel like, ashamed of my behavior."

James said he hoped Punk hears the podcast. He said they were put together in Stanford for five days in a row and were working together, speaking about the future. James said he now believes he needs to stop thinking negatively about people, especially those he doesn't really even know, and to look at everyone "through God's eyes." After all the negative things he said about Punk during his time in AEW and his firing from the company, James said the men are now okay with each other.

"I'm at peace now with me and him. My side of the street is clean now; I can sleep at night. But I believe his is too. What made me feel weird, is I believe his was already. Like, he wasn't as inside his head about me. I get that, because I am neurotic," he said. "Anyway, it was all positive, all positive. Super positive. Even in our working relationship, there was huge strides made, and again, I'll repeat, he has proven already that the needle will move in many ways."

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