Bianca Belair Addresses Potentially Working With Husband Montez Ford On WWE TV

Former WWE women's champion Bianca Belair and husband Montez Ford have proven themselves across professional wrestling. The power couple will soon put their personal lives out there for fans when their reality series "Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez" soon debuts. Belair recently spoke with the "ROAR Around the Ring" podcast about her husband's current run in a faction with tag team partner Angelo Dawkins and Bobby Lashley. She addressed whether or not fans would see the couple together, saying they've never done much as husband and wife on television.

"...we've never touched on the fact we're husband and wife on TV. I think in the future that could be great, it could be fun. I think what they have right now is so exciting and so new and I would love to see where they could go with that on their own and see where I can go with what I'm doing on my own," she said. "I think in the future, we will come together, but it's kind of hard, because once you put us together, how do you separate us? ... But I'm excited to see where that goes, that faction to me is so powerful, I just think that they're unstoppable and I just can't wait until they get some momentum."

While filming their show, there was a push among WWE fans to give Ford a singles run. Belair said she's always pushing for her husband. She said she wants him to go on a singles run to get the shot she feels like he deserves. She said it's amazing to see her husband's dreams coming true. "To hopefully see him in the ring by himself with that WWE title on his shoulder, that means everything to me and I know that would mean everything to him," she said. "So I'm always pushing for that. I love Angelo Dawkins, I love Bobby Lashley, I love what they have going on. I wish equal success for them, but at the end of the day, I want my husband to be WWE Champion."