Former WWE Star Matt Cardona Explains Why He Wants Indie Wrestlers To Step Up

Matt Cardona is a long way from his lengthy WWE tenure as Zack Ryder, and while some fans still recognize him as that character, he's proven himself as one of the biggest drawing names on the indies. On "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Cardona issued a challenge to all the other free agents in the industry.

Cardona was notably asked about the recent group of WWE releases, but concluded that stars like Dolph Ziggler will be fine wherever they go next. However, he seems to want more stars on the indies, and urged someone to step up to him. "I'm anxious to see these people come 'cause I just want some competition. I say on Twitter to these guys and girls, somebody please step up, this is too easy!"

Additionally, he extended his challenge further to those currently on the circuit, claiming that a former WWE star shouldn't be winning PWI's Independent Wrestler of the Year award twice in a row. " I was the PWI Independent Wrestler of the Year last year; spoiler: I won again this year. That's two years in a row! An ex-WWE guy should not be the PWI Independent Wrestler of the Year twice; step up!" Lastly, Cardona also brought attention to the amount of buzz he creates online, as well as how in-demand his merch is. "Please, please, I just want competition! I'm not saying I'm the best wrestler — I'm not, but who gives a s—t about that? Nobody creates more buzz than me. Nobody has a longer merch line than me consistently."

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