Former WWE Star Chris Hero Talks About Transitioning Into A Backstage Role

Chris Hero has spent decades in pro wrestling, where he mainly made a name for himself in ROH, but WWE fans likely recall him as Kassius Ohno. Recently, he appeared on "Talk is Jericho," where he opened up about his journey into wrestling production. Currently, Hero produces matches for AEW, and remains backstage despite rumors that he'd be returning to the ring sometime soon. According to the veteran, his new job as producer isn't without its challenges, and he usually has to approach individual matches differently.

"Not all matches are created equal, sometimes you gotta do a lot of heavy lifting, sometimes you just gotta sit back and take notes." While he does note that the job makes him feel nervous, especially since he always wants to improve, he describes the gig as "exhilarating," especially when he notices how much impact a little suggestion can have. "I've built some good relationships so far. I've been a part of a lot of stuff I'm proud of, even though it's just one fingerprint on there, but just being a part of the whole process has been a blast and I love it."

Hero also expressed the difficulties that he experiences at the same time, and noted that things often get lost in translation. Despite this, Hero has learned to "take things on the chin," as he believes everyone simply wants to do their best while not all being on the same level. Lastly, he also expressed an important detail he's learned about coaching. "As a coach, you can't coach everybody the same way, there are just some people you need to be a little more aggressive with, and some people you just need to relax and do their things."

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