Chris Hero Addresses Possibility Of Returning To The Ring In AEW

Chris Hero recently returned to the ring for the first time in over three years for West Coast Pro Wrestling last month, which has sparked question marks over him competing for AEW — where he currently works as a producer. Tony Khan has admitted he is chipping away at making that happen, and Hero isn't completely against the idea of it. 

"It's never that I was like, 'I don't want to wrestle for AEW,' it's just I realize how complex and vast the company is," Hero told "AEW Unrestricted." "I wouldn't be satisfied with just doing a one-off thing like, 'Oh, I'm here, I'm there.' I would prefer to do something with some thought put into it, and something that builds toward the future and something that can be more than what it starts as." With Hero having been out of the ring since his time in "NXT UK," he made it clear he needs to get both his head and body right to wrestle for AEW. However, that is something he claims to be working on, and his recent match against Timothy Thatcher was part of that.

The fact he made his return on the independent scene is something he wanted to happen, pushing that as part of his deal with working for AEW in his current behind-the-scenes role. "I wanted to make my return elsewhere before even thinking about doing anything with AEW because it's just, if I end up doing something in the ring with AEW I want it to be as special as possible and not just something that's done for the spontaneous moment of it and then oh it's over and it's done," Hero said. 

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