Chris Hero Says This AEW Storyline Is A 'Crisscross Of Era And Styles'

Chris Hero might have been in the shadows of the wrestling business following his 2020 WWE release, but the respected veteran star has been doing some producing work for AEW lately, offering his expertise to the current crop of talent. This has given him the chance to get a firsthand look at the ongoing storylines, with the angle between The Patriarchy and Sting, Darby Allin, and Adam Copeland catching his eye.


"That is pro wrestling, that is just a crisscross of eras, of different styles," he told "The Masked Man Show." "I am just really invested in that, whether I am at the show with them working with them or I'm back home watching them on TV." Hero has been able to have a hand in some of the story, and he had praise for Allin and the way he's carved a niche for himself. However, it is the current TNT Champion that has been the highlight of the feud for him, specifically the work that Christian Cage has put in as he continues to draw heat by taking personal shots at people while denying Copeland the chance for them to reunite as a team.

"It's just like man, 'Christian is f***ing doing it.' Look at him, he was written off, 'You got a concussion you can't work anymore your body can't handle it whatever,' and he's doing his best stuff," Hero said. "On the mic, the way he communicates with Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne, but also the minutes he's putting in, he's had these 20-25 minute matches, he's really been bringing it." Hero admits it has been cool to see that from Cage, showcasing that you never know what a performer has left in the tank. That is exactly what Cage has done in this run, being involved in several high-profile matches, including the main event of WrestleDream.


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