Eric Bischoff Boldly Predicts That This AEW Star Will Join WWE In 2024

Eric Bischoff made some bold predictions for 2024 on the latest edition of "Strictly Business." During the episode, he said he doesn't anticipate many big defections between AEW and WWE next year, but he thinks that one big name will leave the former and join the competition.

"MJF makes an appearance in WWE before the end of 2024," Bischoff stated.

Still, while Bischoff expects the AEW hotshot to make the jump, he doesn't see him becoming an instant main-event player in WWE. He thinks the company would opt for a slow-burn approach, but he suspects MJF will succeed eventually.

"MJF being a new personality, new individual, do I really see them putting that much horsepower in someone they haven't worked with previously? I really don't. Important, yes. To the moon, to the top, no. Not right away."

However, Bischoff acknowledged that there are exceptions to this rule, citing Cody Rhodes' push since returning to WWE as an example. That being said, Rhodes came through the WWE system before he left the company and returned, which is why he's been entrusted with a main event spotlight. He also noted that Jade Cargill has been portrayed as a big deal, but that isn't the same as strapping the rocket to a Superstar. MJF's AEW contract will reportedly expire at the start of 2024, and he's been open about selling his services to the highest bidder. Additionally, he recently claimed that he's yet to sign an extension and that his AEW deal still expires on January 1.

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