Video: Dave Bautista Joins Incentive To Help Older Dogs Find Homes

He might be called "The Animal," but Dave Bautista is a big man with an even bigger heart, as seen in one of the latest humanitarian stunts from Mr. Beast.

Mr. Beast recently worked to get 100 dogs adopted, and while the famous YouTuber had an easy time with the younger pups, the older dogs were slower to be adopted. By day four, Beast turned to the former WWE Champion, who is himself an avid dog lover with four rescue dogs, to help incentivize potential adopters. Bautista presented new pet parents with free pet food for life, as well as pet insurance for life. When all 100 dogs were adopted, Beast presented the final adopter with $20,000 and a $100,000 donation for the shelter from which all the dogs were adopted.

Bautista retired from wrestling after WWE WrestleMania 35 in 2019 and has since focused on his acting career, recently appearing in the final "Guardians of the Galaxy" film. The Drax actor is relieved to finally be done with the franchise, though a bit sad, as Bautista credits the role with earning him legitimacy in the eyes of Hollywood. Bautista had been picky and choosy for much of his career, trying to take unexpected and interesting roles, to help him overcome his past in wrestling with casting agents and producers. The former World Heavyweight Champion also took part ownership of the Texas-based Devils River Whiskey brand, having been an avid fan of their products for a long time, hoping to help the brand expand.