Rey Mysterio Discusses Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero's Reaction To Criticism

WWE Hall of Famers Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio shared a storied friendship, littered with marquee matches and feuds, until Guerrero died in 2005. Mysterio has continued to pay homage to his friend over the years, co-inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame and reviving the "Latino World Order" faction formerly led by Guerrero earlier this year, and further reminisced about his attitude to business with Konnan during "Keepin' it 100". 

"Eddie was just a completely different human being," Mysterio said, "He took everything he did in the ring to heart. So a bad comment wasn't going to put him down, he wasn't gonna feel upset about it. It was [the] complete opposite, he would analyze that comment and try to make it better next time. That was just Eddie, [he] was so passionate about this business, man, and he took everything to heart." 

Konnan added that part of Guerrero's mentality was that he didn't want to become complacent or arrogant, so he would treat his own performances with cynicism. He said, "A lot of the times I remember me we would have a great match in Mexico and he [asks what I thought of the match], I go, 'Bro it was great'... He would go, 'Oh I didn't think it was that great.' But that's the way he was." 

Mysterio also explained that it didn't matter the quality of the match, the former WWE Champion and fellow Hall of Famer would focus on his shortcomings and strive to improve.