Ric Flair Goes Off On WWE WrestleMania 2023 Decision

Ric Flair achieved numerous feats across his career as an active pro wrestler, and while his many accolades have made him a legend in the industry, his greatest pride and joy is clearly his daughter, Charlotte Flair. During a recent appearance on "The Wrestling Classic," Flair harshly criticized WWE's decision to not have her main event Night One of WrestleMania 39. Flair defended her "WWE SmackDown" Women's Championship against Rhea Ripley in a match that the Judgment Day star would ultimately win — according to "The Nature Boy," this match should've been the main event because of how The Bloodline storyline has now fizzled out.

"She and Rhea Ripley should've main evented last year because now that The Bloodline thing is done, I love Sami and Kevin, but what is Sami Zayn even doing right now?" Flair said. "Putting that tag match on [in the main event], really, really pissed me off."

Additionally, Flair claimed that he couldn't say which one of Charlotte's matches was her best, but expressed his desire to see her have more matches with Mercedes Moné (fka Sasha Banks) if she ends up going back to WWE, as well as more matches with Ripley.

"If Sasha comes back, I mean they gotta have their trilogy," Flair said. "She's gotta have the trilogy with Rhea."

Lastly, when looking back at his daughter's previous WrestleMania clashes, Flair boldly claimed that Charlotte's match with Asuka was the best match of that year's WrestleMania.

"Her and Asuka, literally I forget what year that was, they had the best match of WrestleMania when she beat Asuka," Flair claimed.

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