Goldberg Explains How Working With Hulk Hogan Was Different Than Other WCW Opponents

At the height of the nWo's reign in WCW, Hulk Hogan was untouchable and enjoyed a revitalization of his career as a massive heel after years of being America's favorite babyface wrestler. During a recent appearance on the "Steve & Captain Evil" podcast, Goldberg recalled working with Hogan during his first year in the industry.

Goldberg looked back at the first time he ever stepped into the ring with Hogan, and remembered having to wrestle Scott Hall earlier that night. Later, he approached Hogan to discuss their match that same night and was surprised by the way the nWo leader planned to go about their upcoming match.

"I walk in his room, and Hogan had been in the business for 115 years, ... and I had just been in the business [for] six months and I looked at him and I said: 'So, Mr. Hogan, what would you like to do?' And he goes: 'Ah, don't worry about it kid. We'll call it in the ring.'" Goldberg elaborated saying, "He's talking to me, and telling me what we're doing while the match is going on and I was completely terrified."

Additionally, he called Hogan a pillar of professional wrestling and noted that others in WCW followed his lead. According to Goldberg, his character was brought in and given his streak to give Hogan a legitimate rival. "They needed some big monstrous, ugly dude like me to beat him. So I fit the bill pretty well. I did. He chose to do it and it was a perfect move for the business at the time. He's very unselfish."

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