Grayson Waller Has Kind Words For Former WWE NXT Nemesis Shawn Michaels

Grayson Waller is one of the biggest success stories from the modern "WWE NXT" product, with that period giving him the chance to sit under the learning tree of Shawn Michaels, whom he was able to feud with as part of the show. The "WWE SmackDown" star has now encouraged others to take the time to learn from the Hall of Famer, brandishing anybody who doesn't as an "idiot."

"I know personally me and Shawn in the past haven't necessarily got along, but it is what it is I can still show him the respect, and I see the investment that he has in the talent there," Waller told "The Collection with Brad Gillmore." "When you're someone that he sees something in, he's going to go in and he's going to do whatever it takes to help you out. The right people down there are going to use him appropriately, and get them to the main roster and get them to big things on the main roster."

Waller is someone who benefited from getting to work with "The Heartbreak Kid," and it is clear he was well prepared during his time in developmental given how naturally he has slotted into life on the main roster. He believes Michaels is the reason "NXT" is getting the props it is now due to the work he is putting in with the talent.

"He's straight to the point, he's blunt, there's no babying down there for when you're with Shawn," Waller said. "He's going to tell you exactly what he thinks and that's the guy to listen to. He's literally done it all, so if you're not going to Shawn for advice and you're not taking in any lessons from him, you're not going to go anywhere."

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