AEW's Claudio Castagnoli Names The Wrestlers Who Hate Taking The Big Swing

Claudio Castagnoli's big swing is one of the most unique moves in the business, one that highlights his strength while creating an audience interaction as they count the number of rotations. However, the spinning nature of the move isn't a hit with everyone, and Castagnoli admitted that a lot of people hate taking it.

"There's a lot of people that get dizzy from it. You can see them just grabbing my leg immediately and try to wriggle out of it, and I usually don't let them," he told Denise Salcedo. "It's a lot of people. Big Daddy Magic is one of them, just yelling and screaming at me i think we were not even half a rotation in and he was already yelling at me."

He also revealed another star who wasn't a fan of it. "Brodie Lee used to hate it, he used to curse me out the whole time which I thought was hilarious," Castagnoli said. "We always got into it beforehand and afterward, it was great, he just hated it so much I always remember that."

The Blackpool Combat Club star admitted he doesn't get dizzy himself when hitting the move on just one person. However, he can suffer from dizziness if he has to swing multiple people in a row as he has to look around to find the next person. Countless wrestlers have suffered the fate of being swung over the years and considering how strong Castagnoli is, not even the biggest wrestlers have escaped being sent for a spin around the ring. 

"Giving the swing to The Great Khali was the hardest just because he's a giant," he said. "There was like a house show that I tried to swing him and I failed and then I just got so mad that I actually did it. It's one of them were it's just so hard."

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