AEW's Mark Briscoe On Exactly What Makes His Redneck Kung-Fu Effective

Mark Briscoe brings a unique style of wrestling to the ring when he performs, as his "redneck kung-fu" is unlike any other in-ring fighting style. However, it has proven to be effective throughout his career, and is something that audiences always react positively toward when he delivers it, but he believes it is more than just, "a very lethal combination and barrage of strikes."

"At the same time not only is it a physical attribute where you're just getting barraged from here, from there, from everywhere, at the same time you're hearing all these noises and you're seeing all these crazy facial features and all this crazy movement," he told "K&S WrestleFest." "It's also psychological, it's like you don't even want to fight no more." The fast-paced flurry of different strikes is something that always connects with fans, due to being exciting to watch. Briscoe explained how he ensures the strikes come at his opponent from completely different angles and directions, and that causes just as much impact as the strikes themselves.

"You're like, 'Man, I've got this crazy man coming at me 100 miles per hour, and I don't know what direction he's coming, I don't know what these noises are that he's making,'" Briscoe explained. "So, it's physical and it's psychological all wrapped into one. They're dizzy before I even touch them, and then by the time I lay hands on them they're beyond dizzy, they're dizzy, they're woozy."

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