AEW's Ryan Nemeth Discusses Working On The Iron Claw Movie

"The Iron Claw" — a wrestling biopic based on the Von Erich family — was released in the United States just before the holiday season. AEW's Ryan Nemeth, who played the late Gino Hernandez in the film, opened up about working on the movie during an interview with "Drop the Mic."

"It was really special, because wrestling's obviously been a huge part of my life for so long," Nemeth said. "And Gino is just one of my favorite wrestlers ... The first day I showed up on set, it was a stunts rehearsal, and I walked in and saw Zac [Efron] and Harris [Dickinson] just watching tapes of old Von Erichs matches from the '80s, and I thought, 'This is, like, such a good sign.' ... They immersed themselves in the history, in the matches, in the movements, and just everything about these guys. It was really, really, really great ... Every day I left, it was kind of a magical little feeling. This is the coolest thing I've been a part of."

Nemeth added that he was familiar with Hernandez's work before he took up the role. He also watched several of his matches leading up to shooting scenes for the movie. After filming had concluded, "Iron Claw" director Sean Durkin told Nemeth that he "brought Gino" to the film. Later in the interview, Nemeth mentioned that he told Durkin that the biopic was, in his opinion, "the greatest depiction of pro wrestling ever in film."

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