'The Iron Claw' Movie About Von Erich Wrestling Family Gets Release Date

A release date for A24's upcoming wrestling film, "The Iron Claw," has finally been revealed. The Von Erich biopic will hit theaters on December 22, 2023 (via Variety). The film stars Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, and Harris Dickinson as three of the Von Erich clan's brothers. Efron will play Kevin Von Erich, White will play Kerry Von Erich, and Dickinson will fill the role of David Von Erich.


In addition to the main cast, AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman is expected to play Lance Von Erich, a storyline-only member of the Von Erich clan. MJF's fellow AEW star Ryan Nemeth is set to appear as Gino Hernandez, with Chavo Guerrero Jr. stepping in as The Sheik and acting as a wrestling consultant for the film.

The story of the Von Erich family features a great deal of tragedy, with several of the brothers passing away at an early age for various reasons. A recent test screening of "The Iron Claw" revealed Efron's Kevin will serve as the anchor, with much of the story revolving around him and his relationships with family members as "The Von Erich curse" takes its toll. As is often the case, it sounds as though some liberties will be taken with the truth in an effort to tell a more engaging story for audiences.


"The Iron Claw" was directed by Sean Durkin, and will be his third feature-length film. The report from Variety notes that the film isn't believed to be in contention for major awards, despite having an impressive cast and Guerrero's prediction of Oscar buzz.