WCW Legend Arn Anderson Recalls Four Horsemen Moment That Caused Fans To Riot

The Four Horsemen originally appeared on the wrestling scene in 1985, and immediately established their dominance by decimating the top babyfaces at the time and even immobilizing most of them. According to Arn Anderson on his "ARN" podcast, fans had enough when Ric Flair betrayed Dusty Rhodes during an event at The Omni.

At the time, Rhodes was one of the biggest babyfaces in the industry, and as such fans literally rioted when Flair attempted to break his leg. "When Flair turned on Dusty in that cage, we had a real riot trying to get out of that cage and into the locker room." Anderson continued, recalling that it took them 20 minutes to make their way through the crowd who legitimately wanted to tear them apart. "I've never felt raw emotion, and terror like I felt that night. It took us 20 minutes to get back to the locker room."

Additionally, Anderson praised Atlanta law enforcement for getting involved, which he credits for making sure that the crowd never ended up harming them. "There were a hundred people trying to prevent us from taking one step in that direction, and 10 Atalanta cops, had they not been there to beat those people back and create a slow path, they'd have killed us." Despite all the memorable moments created by The Four Horsemen, Anderson is against the faction ever being revived. He claims to be the owner of the trademark, and while he was open to AEW using it, he noted it would not only cost a lot of money, but the faction would need to consist of top-notch talent.

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