Arn Anderson Argues This Former NWA World Champion Belongs In WWE Hall Of Fame

As a WWE Hall of Famer, Arn Anderson knows exactly how it feels like to have his achievements recognized by the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. However, according to the veteran himself on his "ARN" podcast, Ronnie Garvin deserves to be recognized as a Hall of Famer too.

According to Anderson, Garvin brought a sense of legitimacy to the ring for not just himself, but his opponents. "He made everybody he worked with credible and better than they were. He'd have you put a headlock on him and hang on to it for 10 minutes before he ever got out. And at the end of that 10 minutes, the audience was thundering." Anderson also gave his opinion on Garvin's run as NWA World Heavyweight Champion. "He made any guy that was a challenger a competitor, and he made that guy look like he deserved a title shot." Additionally, he noted how Garvin stood out physically at the time. "There's another one who figured out the tan. Yellow tights, had the hair spiked straight up, white hair, yeah."

Lastly, Anderson revealed that Randy Orton's signature Stomp was inspired by "The Garvin Stomp," which he told "The Viper" to incorporate into his arsenal. "I was the one who showed Randy that. From my experience with Ron, it was Ron's stuff, but I just showed Randy, I said: 'Here, in today's world it will work for you. He's retired, he's out of the business, it's all yours buddy.' And he revamped it a little bit, but mostly it was Ronnie Garvin's Stomp, now the Orton Stomp."

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