AEW's Claudio Castagnoli On Why 'Consistency' Is Important To Him

Claudio Castagnoli has been working as a pro wrestler for two decades, and in 2023 he competed in more matches for AEW/ROH than anybody else in the company. For him, that all comes down to consistency, which he believes is a big key. "I feel my fanbase, what they appreciate about me — I hope, is that it is consistent," Castagnoli said about his career to "Denise Salcedo." "They know when I'm in a match or when a match gets announced or when they come see me live they know they will consistently get the best version that they can. I feel that is really, really important." 

The Blackpool Combat Club star is aware of how much it costs for people to attend shows nowadays, which is why he wants to ensure they get something good and aren't disappointed. Castagnoli believes in consistency so much that it is his advice whenever somebody asks him about getting into wrestling. For him, it is the big key not just in wrestling, but any aspect of life that people are aiming to improve at.

"When it comes to me I definitely want to keep the reps high when it comes to matches," Castagnoli said. "I would like when people look back at my career not just be, 'Oh, the first 10 years were great and then he trailed off, or he had a little lull in the middle,' it needs to be consistent."

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