Tommy Dreamer Explains One Aspect That Caused The Iron Claw To Suffer

The Von Erich Family biopic "The Iron Claw" has largely been praised by the wrestling industry since its release. However, on "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer pointed out that the movie suffered due to some missteps made within the plot. According to Dreamer, he watched the movie with his daughter, who loved it, but largely viewed it as a Zac Efron movie and not a wrestling biopic.

"Loved the movie, and she viewed that as that history. New audience, a Zac Efron audience, it's just based upon a movie as opposed to real life." However, Dreamer claims that the embellished history hurts the movie in the end, as it will likely change the way some fans view the Von Erich family going forward. "Them people are gonna believe what they do, and in this modern day you get destroyed over a piece of an interview that someone posts as opposed to listening to the interview. So, yes, that affects it, but I really enjoyed the movie." Additionally, Dreamer notably praised Holt McCallany's portrayal of Fritz Von Erich. "The actor who portrayed Fritz Von Erich should be up there for his portrayal because it was spot on. The way he walked, talked..." 

While McCallany's portrayal has been praised, many found fault with Aaron Dean Eisenberg's Ric Flair performance. At this stage, Bully Ray chimed in and claimed that when he saw the clip on social media, he thought it was a spoof. "I thought it was just for s—ts and giggles, I didn't realize until later on that, that was the actual actor's portrayal. My God ... Jay Lethal would've been better!"

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