Why AEW's Ortiz Is So Happy To See Eddie Kingston Getting More Opportunities

Eddie Kingston finished up 2023 by winning the first-ever Continental Classic, becoming the AEW/ROH/NJPW STRONG Triple Crown Champion. Someone whom Kingston has been closely associated with for a long time is fellow AEW star Ortiz, with both men previously belonging to the LAX faction in Impact. Ortiz recently discussed Kingston's success while appearing on the "Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast," specifically pointing toward his victory last Saturday.

"Everyone that knew Eddie, ... we all knew who he was," Ortiz said. "The rest of the world needed to be exposed to that, you know what I mean? I've said it to him — he doesn't like the reference — but he's almost like our generation's Dusty Rhodes."

According to Ortiz, the hard-working everyman that Kingston portrays onscreen is exactly who he is in real life. Additionally, his promos have the ability to make people truly invest in what they're witnessing.

For Kingston's big win last weekend, Ortiz relayed that he was watching the PPV at home on his phone, as he was unable to get the technology to work on his TV. Despite that frustration, as a close friend of Kingston's, Ortiz shared that he was immensely proud of his tournament win.

'This Is All Worth It, Man'

Continuing to speak positively about his friend, Ortiz recalled Kingston's PPV match against Miro at AEW All Out 2021. The two opened the show with a TNT Championship bout, and Ortiz described being amazed at the reaction Kingston received from the crowd, with chants for "Eddie" reminding him of the legendary Eddie Guerrero.

"One of the coolest moments I remember was: Miro had him in the camel clutch ... and then [Kingston] went over and got a rope break, and the crowd went insane," Ortiz continued. "I was like, 'Wow, this is pro wrestling man.' The crowd was so invested that they gave him an insane reaction to just get a rope break."

Ortiz remembered watching the moment alongside AEW referee Bryce Remsburg, who came into the business at the same time as Kingston in Chikara. The former LAX member said seeing their longtime friend succeed at such a high level brought tears to their eyes.

"Anytime I'm dealing with stress or stuff like that, I think about times like that in wrestling and I'm like, 'This is all worth it, man,'" Ortiz said.