AEW's Adam Copeland Explains How Acting Helped After His First Retirement

Adam Copeland's first retirement was forced upon him due to a neck injury, but it did create one positive, kickstarting his acting career, which he did plenty of during his spell away from the ring. However, Copeland admitted it was beneficial for him, because without that he could've ended up in a wormhole that would have been an unhappy place.

"Luckily within a week, two weeks I was out filming "Haven." So, that fell in my lap accidentally because they saw my retirement speech — the executive producers of the show," he revealed to "NotSam Wrestling." "That helped the transition and it made me realize there were still creative outlets and there were still ways to tap that creative vein that wasn't professional wrestling." Copeland admitted it didn't offer the same thing as wrestling, but it allowed him to realize that acting is just a different branch to the same tree of entertainment, and all of that helped with the transition after retirement.

Despite acting not being his first love like wrestling was, Copeland has continued to push into that field, and he did admit that being told he had to retire made things easier because he had no fence to straddle, which is no longer the case for him moving into his next big decision. "I'm probably going to fight it now, which is the kicker," he admitted. "I didn't have to worry about that then, that part of it was easy and made it much easier than this retirement will be because knock on wood, this one is going to be my choice."

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