Matt Hardy Assesses AEW Worlds End Main Event, Devil Reveal

AEW's Worlds End wrapped up in a dramatic and noteworthy fashion as MJF lost his AEW World Championship while Adam Cole was revealed to be The Devil, and Matt Hardy felt that the main event told a great story. While the encounter itself was enjoyable for him, there was one particular element that the AEW veteran was impressed with. 

"One thing that I did like a lot is that Samoa Joe got the title and exited and then the angle happened afterward so that he wasn't wrapped up in that," he said on "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy." "I was a big fan of that specific booking."

The post-match angle got the wrestling world talking, as Cole and his new faction were revealed which then continued on "AEW Dynamite" last week, with Hardy excited about the potential. 

"I think the betrayal of Adam Cole to MJF is going to do something amazing for his character," he said regarding MJF. "I'm very excited to see how he eventually plays off of that, that is if he returns to AEW."

However, when it came to the match itself one of the big talking points was MJF's injury status. The former champion is reportedly set for a period on the sidelines to focus on getting back to full fitness, but Hardy believes it benefited the match itself because it allowed MJF to fight from underneath like a true babyface, which gained him sympathy from the crowd.

"I think there was such a great blurred line at how much is Max truly hurt, or is he truly hurt. Is he hurt? Is he not hurt? I don't know. I don't think anybody knows and he does a really good job at blurring lines when it comes to stuff like that when it's storyline aspects, so I dug that," Hardy said.

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