Photo: Asuka Shares Backstage Pic With Fellow Japanese WWE Stars

While wrestling in the United States hasn't always been a hotbed of diverse representation, it's fair to say that things are moving in the right direction. For example, WWE currently has an incredible contingent of Japanese stars representing their nation in front of a worldwide audience. WWE's Asuka posted a photo to X this morning, showing herself posing alongside some of her fellow Japanese wrestlers in the promotion.

Asuka, Shinsuke Nakamura, IYO SKY, Kairi Sane, and Akira Tozawa can all be seen posing together for the picture, with SKY holding her WWE Women's Championship over her shoulder. SKY has held the title since cashing in her Money in the Bank contract at WWE SummerSlam last year, and she would soon be joined by some old friends. After departing WWE to return to Japan in 2021, Sane recently came back to WWE, with both she and Asuka joining SKY's Damage CTRL faction (also featuring Bayley and Dakota Kai) this past November.

While SKY, Sana, and Asuka have been busy over on "WWE SmackDown," both Nakamura and Tozawa have been present on "WWE Raw." Nakamura is currently engaged in a feud with Cody Rhodes, and the two are set to clash on tonight's episode. Last month, Rhodes defeated Nakamura via DQ on an episode of "Raw" after Nakamura sprayed his opponent with red mist once again.

Meanwhile, as a member of Alpha Academy, Tozawa has been building some goodwill with fans through some genuinely funny backstage segments. The segments have shown Tozawa coming up with a new dance based on his workout regimen, and Tozawa even taught country singer Jelly Roll how to perform the dance last month.