WWE's Becky Lynch Explains Why Her Book Might Be Detrimental

Becky Lynch's autobiography, 'The Man: Not Your Average Average Girl," will be released on March 24, and the former "WWE Raw" Women's Champion has admitted that she has written a truthful account of her story. However, while that's a positive for the reader, Lynch admitted it might be a negative for her. 

"I've written very truthfully, maybe sometimes at my own detriment... I think people will appreciate the candidness of it, and I think it's pretty funny," she told "The Casual Podcast." "I think it's a pretty funny, hilarious read –- this is just me thinking I am hilarious, but I hope people enjoy it."

Lynch has been open and honest within the book, to the point where she's admitted to realizing she was the a**hole at times when recounting past stories. However, even though it has been an eye-opening experience at points, Lynch has also found the writing process to be one of the most rewarding periods of her entire life. She has become the latest professional wrestler to jump into the autobiographical world, taking after one of her idols, Mick Foley. Like him, she didn't use a ghostwriter to tell her story, opting to do it herself, but she let Foley see an early manuscript.

"Actually, I had him to bounce things off; he was one of the first people to read it and give me feedback," she revealed about Foley. "Then I implemented that and kind of almost changed it completely since he probably read it. Not completely, but really improved it to the point where now I am so proud of what I have."

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