Why This WWE Hall Of Famer Is Glad John Cena Never Turned Heel

John Cena dominated the pro wrestling industry in the late 2000s and early 2010s, and in his long run in WWE, Cena never turned heel, and according to Arn Anderson, a heel turn would've ended with disaster.

Anderson claimed on his "ARN" podcast that the biggest reason Cena never turned heel was because he had the trust of all the children viewers and that a heel turn wouldn't have given him mega heat in the end.

"John, like the grown males were jealous of him to a degree, but he had those kids, and when you have their trust, and you betray their trust, I think what you would've gotten would have been a disappointed group at John. But it wouldn't have transferred into heat-seeking money drawing just because kids are his audience," said Anderson.

Additionally, Anderson compared this to Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, who he also believed would have ended up ruining his career if he ever turned heel, and recalled a conversation they once had. "Ricky used to bug me all the time, 'Arn, I wanna work heel, I have so much fun, I want to be a heel,'" Anderson said. "I said, 'Ricky, all you would do is upset a bunch of grandmothers and grandfathers, a lot of people that believe in you, buddy, you'd just disappoint them.'"

Lastly, Anderson claimed that being a heel wouldn't be ideal when tons of fans are disappointed by the turn, and described the ideal situation a heel should be in. "You want to be a rat bas*ard that everybody in the building wants to see dead, that's the best-case scenario to be a heel."

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