Mark Henry Shares How Owen Hart Influenced His WWE Career And Today's Wrestlers

Owen Hart's shocking death back in 1999 shook the industry, but the legacy he left behind has largely been one of a positive nature. Mark Henry, during an interview on "The Smooth Vega Podcast," said that Hart's good nature helped him during his days as a WWE rookie when the locker room would insistently rib him.

The WWE Hall of Famer stated that he wasn't aware of the backstage culture when he first transitioned into pro wrestling. "There was no in doctoring into pro wrestling, it was just, 'I'mma rib you and play practical jokes' and stuff like that. I was Mark Henry, I wasn't used to someone playing jokes on me, I fought first."

Unfortunately, fighting back proved futile as it made it seem like he didn't want to be in the industry. However, meeting Hart changed the way he approached the culture. "Then I started meeting people like Owen and those were the guys that were like, 'Hey, this is the way you need to be.' Going to Louisville and meeting Rip Rogers, Rip Rogers taught me to not be so caught up in your feelings."

When reflecting on Hart's impact on the industry, Henry noted how the modern style of wrestling largely resembles the late star's, a style also embraced by the Hart family and their associates. "Just the wrestling reversals that lead to a sequence of events. Davey Boy did it too, but they were all copying each other, that was their family. Curt Hennig was another one that did that sequence wrestling."

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