Mark Henry Suggests Possible Reason For Roman Reigns' Hiatuses From WWE

In May 2022, Roman Reigns inked a new deal with WWE that would see him work fewer dates for the promotion. On "Busted Open Radio," a caller said there was "something going on" with reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Reigns right now, suggesting that "The Tribal Chief" was still dealing with leukemia because of his limited schedule. WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry was asked to provide his thoughts on the topic.

"I said that, like, three months ago," Henry said. "He can't even be around all the time, crowds and stuff, because [of] the medicine that he takes ... He needs rest. Like, not from wrestling, for living ... I have a friend that had leukemia. And when we're in the car, he wears a mask ... just not to breathe the air ... I might be sick. My daughter, she gets infusions every so often because of her Crohn's. Her body does not defend itself against everything, so she gets a cold, it could be pneumonia. It's different with people like Roman."

WWE fans — and the world — first learned about Reigns' leukemia battle back in October 2018, when he announced that he had to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship because the cancer had returned. Reigns was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2007 while he was signed to the Minnesota Vikings. The "Head of the Table" eventually returned to WWE after undergoing treatment, revealing that he was in remission in February 2019

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