Backstage News On Roman Reigns’ New WWE Deal

Roman Reigns has signed a new deal with WWE which will see him work fewer dates for the company, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

Roman Reigns had got the wrestling world talking last week during a live event when he teased that his WWE career was coming to an end. But it appears that the comments he made about not being sure if he would be back is because he's set to work fewer dates in the future. That is because the new deal Roman has is set for him to have fewer live event commitments.


During a recent interview with The Michael Kay Show, Roman Reigns admitted that he does have an interest in getting involved with Hollywood. He is hoping to use the tools that he has learned in wrestling to help his potential career in the movie business.

"We will have to see. I think there's going to be some moves made here pretty soon," Reigns admitted. "There's always speculation and contract talks, all that question of it is my business. People who can dive deep enough, I'm sure they can turn enough stones to figure out the timeframe.

"But that is something I definitely want to dabble in and gain more experience. I want to use these tools that I have learned. WWE has done so right by me. They've given me so much and placed so many great blessings and opportunities in front of me. And I've just had to capture them. I've just had to grab that ball and run with it. I like to think that along the way I have picked up so many skills. I've experienced so many things that are going to help me."


Roman Reigns was able to secure the victory for The Bloodline at WWE WrestleMania Backlash last night. He pinned Riddle in order to get the win for his family in the main event of the show.