LA Knight Gets Candid About Not Winning WWE Money In The Bank 2023

"WWE SmackDown" Superstar LA Knight discussed the 2023 men's Money in the Bank match, and how he looks at in a positive way despite losing it.

"And it's funny because I just joked, story of my career [being moments away from winning the MITB match], but at the same time — I always hesitate to say this stuff because I feel like it sounds like I'm like being self-congratulatory — but I can't help but state the fact that I willed this sh*t into existence," said Knight on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." "I couldn't stop, I couldn't just be like, 'Well, I'm just here, I'm just going to be happy with that, and that's cool.'"

Knight recalled emailing a WWE writer that he was at some point "going to ask for the ball." While those words weren't taken seriously by the writer, Knight meant it wholeheartedly and was determined to succeed. The former Million Dollar Champion noted how 2023 wasn't easy for him, but his goal for 2024 and 2025 is the same: continue to climb to the top.

"So far 2023 has been a hell of a climb and making that happen. And so my goal is to just continue on in 2024 and 2025 and who knows from there. And you know, people want to look at the age, number, but, my god, I'm in some damn good shape," added Knight.

The "SmackDown" star was close to clinching the men's Money in the Bank ladder match last year but was dropped from the top of the ladder by eventual winner, Damian Priest. Knight is starting 2024 with a bang as he has an opportunity to win gold; he is part of the fatal four-way match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Royal Rumble.

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