Will Ospreay Discusses 2023 Injuries, His Future With AEW

2023 was a busy year for Will Ospreay, who competed in 70 matches all across the world for a variety of different companies. Whether it was major NJPW events, smaller independent shows in the United Kingdom, or one of the biggest events of all time — AEW's All In, Ospreay certainly pushed his body to the limits. Despite the physical style he works and all the traveling he does, Ospreay appears to be heading into the new year in good shape. 

"I don't feel that bad to be fair. 2023 I had one major injury with my pec, but it was no surgery needed and then I was able to come back, and I haven't had any problems with it," Ospreay told "Denise Salcedo." "I feel fine, I feel great, it is hard not everyone can do it and there's a reason why I am at the level that I am at.

Ospreay is now looking ahead to what is going to be arguably his biggest year to date. The Englishman put pen to paper on his AEW contract in 2023, and is expected to start up with Tony Khan's company heading into AEW Revolution, which will provide him with a new challenge. However, before that, he does have one final commitment in Japan, as he will be part of NJPW's New Beginning. "I feel great, I feel like I could do it a couple more years, I have no issues," he said. "But, time to go forth, AEW now innit, I'm going to do it just one place now.

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