Kurt Angle Gets Candid About TNA's 6-Sided Ring

Back when TNA was still considered the biggest competitor to WWE, its six-sided ring was one of the most notable differences between the two products. While some believe the ring was just a gimmick, according to Kurt Angle on "The Kurt Angle Show," the six-sided ring was part of TNA's identity, and taking the unique design away ultimately hurt the promotion.

"TNA is identified by having a six-sided ring, that's what makes the company different, and when they took that away it just made it another wrestling company." Angle continued, noting that while the physical difference wasn't too major, the main changes were about how matches were promoted. "It makes a difference when you're talking about promoting the match and you're talking about the 'six sides of steel.' TNA had this reputation of being a wrestling show and having the six sides made it different." Additionally, he compared it to the Octagon ring UFC uses, and noted that TNA had a similar "real fight feel."

Angle also commented on Impact going back to the TNA branding, and while it's been confirmed that the six-sided ring won't return, "The Wrestling Machine" wants to see it brought back. "The six-sided ring is a lot faster, the guys are coming off the ropes quicker 'cause it's a smaller ring. I think that's why TNA is really action-packed 'cause there's not a lot of dead time. So, it's really — the ring is a lot smaller."

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