Bully Ray Says This Member Of The WWE NXT Roster 'Walks Around Like A Star'

Bully Ray is heaping praise onto a recently returned "WWE NXT" talent who has already made an impact on the scene, saying she carries herself like a star. On Busted Open Radio, Bully said that Cora Jade, who returned to the brand at Deadline last month, is oozing confidence. "Since she's come back, I feel Cora Jade's demeanor, her attitude, and I'm not talking playing a character, I'm talking about having confidence in the ring," he said. "From her entrance, the moment she walks out there, I'm looking at her like, 'This girl is a star and she understands it. I think they are going to continue to push her. They need a credible challenger. She's become very aggressive in the ring as well and I hope that translates not only in 'NXT' but then eventually on the main roster."

When Jade returned at Deadline, she immediately attacked current "NXT" Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria, who had come out to stare down Women's Iron Survivor Challenge Winner Blair Davenport. Bully said Jade's confidence may have to do with a new and improved positive self-image. He said she may feel more confident looking in the mirror in her new gear, and the confidence overflows into the ring. He said any wrestler who looks in the mirror and feels good is a star in their own mind.

"I think Cora's walking around with her shoulders back now because she feels like that star," he said. While a title opportunity against Valkyria has not been set since her return, Jade most recently locked up with Gigi Dolin on Tuesday's episode of "NXT." Jade won the match with a "Dirty Deeds" like DDT. She also used heel tactics, like grabbing the official to prevent Dolin from delivering a Crucifix Bomb.