Former WWE Stars Mace & Mansoor Call Out TNA Wrestling Tag Team

Mace and Mansoor, who were released by WWE after a run as the Maximum Male Models in September 2023, are now looking to make a name for themselves as a duo outside of the TKO-owned promotion. During an interview with "The Bob Culture Podcast," Mansoor and Mace were asked if they were targeting any specific opponents moving forward.

"We haven't even talked about it, but the Motor City Machine Guns," Mace said. "Motor City!" Mansoor chanted. "Yeah, that's what we want," He added. "We were in the same locker room as the Motor City frickin' Machine Guns, and I said, 'Man, we are this close to having a wrestling match for championships with the Motor City Machine Guns," Mace continued.

Mansoor added that he wanted to win the DPW World Tag Team Championship from Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. The Motor City Machine Guns won those belts from The WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry and JD Drake) at DEADLOCK Pro Wrestling's second anniversary event last month. Meanwhile, Mansoor also mentioned that he wanted to "win custody" of Shelley so that he and Mace could recreate Paparazzi Productions. Shelley was the founder of Paparazzi Productions in TNA. He began the gimmick on his own, carrying a camera to the ring to record his matches. He then established a faction with Kevin Nash and Johnny Devine. Austin Aries later replaced Devine.

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