Kurt Angle Discusses Working With AEW's Nigel McGuinness In TNA

Before transitioning into a commentator, Nigel McGuinness traveled the world as a professional wrestler, appearing in companies such as Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and TNA Wrestling. Between 2009 and 2011, McGuinness was primarily affiliated with TNA, where he performed under the ring name of Desmond Wolfe. On a recent episode of "The Kurt Angle Show," TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recalled his various experiences working with McGuinness under the TNA banner.

"I loved working with him," Angle said. "He was so good technically, actually too good. He was such a great chain wrestler, what he forgot is some psychology. I'll give you an example. He was a heel, I was wrestling him as a baby face, and he would be chain wrestling me. We would go back and forth, and he would put me in something and put a lock on it so I couldn't reverse it. I'm like, 'What are you doing Desmond? I'm the babyface. I'm supposed to out-wrestle you. You have to give me an opening.' And he wasn't quite understanding it, but after a while, he started picking it up. He was like, 'Oh okay, I got you. I'm the one that needs to be out-wrestled. You need to be the better technician because you're the baby face.' I said, 'Exactly.”'

During McGuinness' run as Desmond Wolfe, he and Angle shared the ring on over a dozen occasions, including a Three Degrees of Pain match that saw Angle emerge victorious. This particular matchup was contested inside a steel cage under the guidelines of two-out-of-three falls, where the third fall could only be obtained by escaping the cage.

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