Gail Kim Recalls Dealing With 'Politics' Behind The Scenes In WWE

Gail Kim's time as a WWE Superstar wasn't always a good experience. During a recent "Ring the Belle" appearance, she recalled being in a Divas Championship match with Maryse that was ultimately canceled, and she only found out about the change of plans on the day. Kim said that internal company politics informed the creative decision, but it may have worked out for the best in the long run.

"Politics happens sometimes, once in a while... You look back in hindsight, and you just realize, if I wasn't treated that way, if I wasn't used in a different way, would I have had these other moments in TNA and accomplished what I've accomplished?"

Kim added that she's happy with how her career has panned out, noting that her heart lies in the TNA Knockouts division. As such, she isn't going to look back at her time in WWE with bitter memories, and she hasn't ruled out going back. Kim has said that she won't be in the 2024 women's Royal Rumble, but she didn't rule out a return down the line. That said, she believes she burned some bridges in WWE following her previous stint with the company.

Since leaving WWE, Kim's wrestling career has been synonymous with TNA Wrestling. In addition to being an in-ring worker, she's also served as a producer and on-screen authority figure.

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