Booker T Says This WWE NXT Star Is Going 'Straight To The Moon'

"WWE NXT" commentator Booker T has spoken highly of Oba Femi following his surprise "WWE NXT" North American Championship victory, with the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer admitting that, "This guy's going straight to the moon."

"I love it man. Put the rocket on him. Don't waste no time with this one right here," Booker T said on the title switch during his "Hall Of Fame" radio show. "We're not gonna ... miss the boat on this one right here, this one right here — Oba Femi." 

Femi is one of WWE's newest stars, having switched to professional wrestling after being a collegiate athlete, and he's someone who has quickly impressed the WWE Universe and Booker T. The veteran wrestler claims that Femi has the feel of a grown man, the type of guy that other people would cross the street to avoid. Femi won the "NXT" Men's Breakout Tournament to earn his title shot and put himself on the map, which he then cemented by beating Dragon Lee for the title

While Booker T isn't part of the company in an official capacity as far as training is concerned, he has been on hand to provide mentorship to the younger talent such as Trick Williams, and now he is ready to aid Femi where possible.

"Breakout tournament winner and then boom win the title, yeah, he's on a fast track," Booker T said. "I can't wait to really get my blueprint, my handprint, on this kid, seriously."

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