Dave Meltzer Provides Promising Update On Netflix's Vince McMahon Series

Vince McMahon might be a controversial figure in wrestling, but his work building WWE up to the promotion it is today can't be overlooked. Rumors of a television series based around McMahon's life have been going around since 2021; however, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, the series' release is imminent.

Meltzer claims that he recently went to Los Angeles to do a taping for a Netflix show. While he noted he couldn't say too much about it, he revealed it was for the series about McMahon and noted that it will be released soon. "The Netflix series is going to be out sooner than you think."

Additionally, Meltzer confirmed that the series will include his entire life until this point, covering every potential subject he was ever involved in. He also claimed that many people were interviewed for the series, most notably McMahon himself. Since McMahon personally put a stop to a biopic about his life last year, it seems that the Netflix series will likely be more up to his standards.

Interestingly, Meltzer has seemingly been very involved in the series, as he claims he's done multiple tapings for the show. Due to this, he also noted that the series now ends differently from when filming began. McMahon was still the owner of WWE, but since then, the promotion has been sold and merged with UFC. Following this claim, Meltzer revealed that the project had to undergo extensive reshoots to refocus and redo the story to keep it updated with McMahon's life.