Jake Roberts Details Time He Saw WWE Legend Haku Commit Horrific Act Of Violence

Wrestling legend Haku has a known reputation for being one of the toughest men to ever step into the industry, and as such has been praised by many of his peers. Haku notably got into many bar fights in the earlier days of his career, and on "The Snake Pit," Jake "The Snake" Roberts recalled the time Haku bit another man's nose off.

The conversation started when Roberts was asked about the feud between Harley Race and Haku, and according to the veteran, there wasn't a time or place where Haku wouldn't have beaten Race in a real fight. This led to Roberts being asked about the bar incident, where he claimed he witnessed it. "I was there! I witnessed it! I got a beer. F—k, I had to have a beer after that s—t."

Roberts continued, noting that the situation was gruesome but he still made light of it after the fact. "He bit it off, man, there was just two holes there. He bit the f—king nose off! I nose you're in trouble! Teach you to be nosey!" Unfortunately, Roberts didn't provide any more insider information about the incident, but it's known to have happened back in 1989 at an airport bar in Baltimore, Maryland. Interestingly, this isn't the only shocking story Roberts has told about Haku over the years. According to Roberts, he once saw rowdy fans drop a cinderblock on Haku from a roof, which the veteran shockingly shrugged off.

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